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The textile industry is the second largest industry in India. It has generated huge employment for both skilled and unskilled labors in textiles. The textile industry was the major component of the economic income in India before the English colony . Eventually through colonization , the conventional method of artisanal production was destroyed and replaced with large scale factory production

“The handloom and the spinning wheel producing their regular myriads of spinners and weavers, were the pivots of the structure of that society – Karl Marx”


The textile industry is one of the largest unorganized sectors of economic activity in India providing direct employment to over 65 lakh people engaged in weaving and allied activities.
As we advance towards 21st century , handloom lost its significance and eventually it was taken by low cost , eye catchy and flashy synthetic materials . Meanwhile everyone started adapting fast fashion which initiated capitalism , environment hostility and ignoring sustenance.

The weaving communities have to undergo harsh circumstances with hours of painstaking work to prevail their phenomenon artwork through generations . In this way, the long established handcrafted work of skilled weavers was dominated by extensive production of mills and industries.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”
Mahatma Gandhi

Design is Solution to a Problem

The crafts of India is passionate about the richness of Indian craft sector and highly acknowledge the diligent painstaking work of the weaving community and additional clan in the textile industry.

With various classes of artisans with distinct individual skills across the cultures in this industry, handloom always has an edge over the power loom sector.
This is one of the reason as to why handlooms has always remained exceptional exploring design beliefs through experiments and innovations .
The crafts of India strives to provide dignity to the craftsmen while creating workmanship sustaining their livelihoods and uplift them to the global stage.

We yearn to connect people to our rich , deep rooted legacy and wanting to gratify people beyond their expectations and make them feel unique and notable by draping an exquisite Indian design. Assimilating the roots of the primitive , time honored craft and take this platform as to make mankind supplemental.

The label’s endeavor is to revive crafts and to uplift and promote weavers and their skills and connect them to the global stage by rooting with India’s rich legacy.

The label emphasis on “Made in India” ideology.

We strongly believe if given an opportunity and right pavement to the skilled craftsmen and support them to showcase the products globally, it will surely add up to India’s economy.

Supporting the assiduous work of the craftsmen committed to the work by assembling the richness of Indian textile and twisting into modern yet cotemporary designs. The crafts of India seeks this estrade to enliven , reinvigorate and revive the crafts.

Our label truly believes in contemporizing composition in changing times yet sustaining the authentic essence of the craft . Our every single creation will make one look pleased , unique and distinct with a sense of true design.

Come and experience the journey with us and cease these crafts to perish and make every effort to put a smile at sedulous and highly proficient weavers with this mesmerizing encounter of customizing the very curated , authentic and exquisite handcrafted work direct from the weavers from all across India.


                                                        “Handloom forms a part of the heritage of India  and exemplifies the Richness  and Diversity of Our Country and artistry of our weavers”

MISSION              :           To revive crafts,  preserve heritage ,  while generating livelihoods.

VISION                  :           Directed towards the globe adjacent through textiles with perceptible Indian artistry composition.

GOAL                      :           To construct mankind and adhere to India’s affluent heritage and culture.

IDEOLOGY            :          Made in India

The Crafts of India

We showcase curated, authentic, revival of exquisite handcrafted work direct from the weavers from all across India.

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