{A sail to the paradise – Kashmir }

Nestled in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir region over the centuries , The Crafts Of India covets to anticipate the beauty of enchanted valley through the contemporary spectrum of Indian craft , culture and heritage. As we roll on the wheels to the captivating valley , we come across majestic mountains , lush landscapes , blooming orchards, pristine lakes , green pastures , languid shikara rides ,ephemeral lily and lotus blossoms and fair weather.

Pashmina , sozni , aari , naqashi, saffron , shawls , carpets, apples, walnuts, almonds , chinar are such phrases associated with this charming valley. Nature’s abundance and the beauty of Kashmir is captured in its art and architecture , arbesqueque, poetry , devotional songs , heritage , designs , culture and crafts . A characteristic feature of Kashmir handcrafts is the free exchange of designs and motifs across various craft forms. Influenced by the Persian , much of the motifs are inspired from philosophical themes , historical episodes on the lives of Mughal emperors and religious stories of era.

At The Crafts Of India , we endeavour to showcase the richness , culture and heritage of Kashmir , working closely with the much talented skilled weavers infusing every sweat and blood in making crafts. We attempt to bring the much awaited collection ” Dastaan-e-chinar” , inspired straight from the greens of Kashmir valley.

Explore our journey for the love of Kashmir through the design eyes of Indian artistry composition in the varied themes: AAB-DAR , NISHAT , KANI , BAGICHA , AFREEN , GULFAM , HUES

Nothing beyond the imagination and poetic fantasy to describe the paradise by Amir Khusru :

Gar Firdaus Bar , Rue Zameen Ast ………. , Haminasto ….. Haminasto ….. Haminasto…..

If there is heaven , it is here……… , it is here …….

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